November 18, 2012

Korg Krome Music Workstation

I recently made remarks about Korg’s foothold in various gear departments.  It’s would be hard to look at them now and say that they specialize in making product X or product Y, considering just how many different types of Korg products you’ll find at a trip to the music store.  An easy way to judge what a company spends most of its research and time on is by looking at its most expensive products.  For Korg, it looks like their workstation keyboards take the cake in terms of product development and cost.  Although music is typically produced using computers and software, the idea of the “complete workstation” has not been lost to many.

Korg is still producing these workstation keyboards with that premise in mind.  The Korg Krome series keyboards can be had at varying prices and anywhere from 61, to 73, to 88 keys – whatever fits your needs and your budget.  As far as processing and computing power, onboard instruments aren’t disadvantaged by a lack of read-only-memory meaning that looping is not needed, giving you’re a more “proper” sound, especially when using key instruments Grand Piano.  Just because the workstation seems like an idea set in the past, the Krome keyboards all feature touch-screen menus which make navigation even easier.