November 19, 2012

iRule iOS and Android WiFi Universal Remote Control System

If you’re trying your luck with video DJing, you’re going to have a lot more gear to worry about.  This is something that naturally comes with the territory.  Either your gig spot will have televisions mounted around the room, or maybe they’ll make do with a temporary solution such as a projector and a transportable white screen.  If you’re practicing your set at home – you probably already have everything situated the way you like.  I’d imagine one or two computers, some sort of audio system, and a few monitors/displays to see how it all looks.  Once everything is wired and hooked up the way you need it, the only thing left to do is turn everything on.

Call it a small annoyance, but if any of your equipment comes with remotes you probably have a small collection of remotes – each doing 1 task.  This is where your Apple or Android tablet comes in handy.  iRule for iOS and Android gathers your collection of remotes, and uses WiFi to communicate with each device, instead of using IR or Bluetooth.  Thus, all of your remotes can be bundled into one.  Since iRule is software only, I’d imagine you could activate with your Macbook Pro as well, assuming that your hardware (consoles, computers, televisions, projectors) have the ability to communicate.