November 21, 2012

Theremin Tutorial For Beginners

With advancements in midi and touch technology, we are beginning to see engineers bring some musical inventions to live without having to reinvent the clarinet or guitar.  The QuNeo is a small example of one man’s idea coming to fruition, and it is the implications more than the product itself that help us see where it’s all headed.

We already have ways to control sound using computers – this we know.  The most obvious way to achieve this is using a regular layout midi keyboard to trigger samples on a computer.  This is effective, but at the same time it’s boring and lacks showmanship, especially if you’re trying to emulate a guitar on a keyboard.  The guys and gals who are out there creating midi controller that are shaped like guitars are the ones who are really bringing showmanship and form back into their performances.

The theremin, by contrast, is an ancient musical instrument – but it possesses the wow factor and showmanship that isn’t found in instruments like organs and keyboard.  It’s no wonder Moog is still producing these, and that people are still seeking these out for their performances.  If you’ve ever wondered how they are used, as I have, this video should offer some clues into what exactly is going on when you wave your hands around it.