November 21, 2012

Euro Bow Interface

I don’t see digital DJs and producers mixing very well with the classic and contemporary crowd of musicians.  To give you an idea, I once saw an advertisement for a classical music school that depicted a Vestax turntable being melted into goop under a flaming torch.  That doesn’t mean that someone who plays the violin won’t be compelled to taking up DJing, but the two camps really don’t have much in common as far as how their music is produced.  That’s what I thought at least until I saw another man’s creation on Synthtopia that attempts to blend the two art forms.

I’ve seen electric violins and stand up basses before – but never have I seen a bow used in conjunction with a synthesizer.  Peter Speer shows off a quick demonstration of his newfound invention which he calls the Euro Bow interface.  Using a crudely constructed bow created from real horse’s hair, he is able to create an input for his Eurorack modular synthesizer – kind of like an electric guitar that uses pickups to sense vibrations along the string.  While it isn’t the most pleasant sounding (and many synthesizer demonstrations aren’t pleasant to the ears), it does give us some insight on ways to input directions into these devices.