November 21, 2012

How to Choose a Flat Panel TV Wall Mount

The subject of televisions and LED monitors come up occasionally on this news feed, and you might ask yourself why UniqueSquared even bothers to talk about video products and components.  First off, the majority of DJ and music production is primarily focused on sound – but when it comes to finding ways to manipulate these sounds, it requires our other senses such as sight and touch.  Hearing is still the most vital of all of our sense in this respect, but innovations like waveforms and beat grids in DVS software like Traktor have helped us attack the same task with more of the senses available to us.  In a sense, our sight helps us become better musicians and DJs.

With television technology getting faster and lighter every day, we’re seeing more and more musicians using large screens to edit tracks in their workstations.  The added screen space is a small blessing and keeps us from squinting our eyes too much while we work.  Mounting televisions to walls has become a reality thanks to newer wall mounts and television that are built for just this purpose.  Audioholics shares some vital information on how to choose the proper wall mount for any given situation.  Why should we be forced to deal with any less than what is needed?