November 21, 2012

New iPad Drum Machine App – Advanced Mobile Drummer

Before tape recorders and sequencers were actually used in hiphop performances, there was a small period when DJs actually had to loop drum breaks from vinyl records, in order to give their MC’s beat to rap on.  The term “breakbeats” is derived from this sort of action and break beats are still produced today, except they aren’t performed in the same manner.  The same type of logic can be applied to almost any type of music, and any musician can basically eliminate the need to have another member of the band – specifically the drummer.

With innovations like the Boss RC-30 Loop Pedal, a single guitarist or vocalist can effectively emulate multiple musicians and perform as a true one man band.  This is the logic behind the Advanced Mobile Drummer app for iPad.  Any musician that needs an instant beat to back their chorus or melody can do so with the flip of a few buttons.  Created by Beats ‘n’ Bobs, Advanced Mobile Drummer acts as a simple to use sequencer that allows quick and dirty drum beats to be created on the fly.  Although it isn’t’ powerful compared to other offerings out there, it eliminates the need to source out a drummer – and you can spend time working only on what you need to accomplish.