November 21, 2012

The MacBeth Touch Keyboard Stereo Synthesizer (Sneak Preview)

With synthesizers, the varying ways to input the human touch can be endless.  The most primitive of synthesizers actually don’t rely on percussive inputs (piano keys, pads, etc.) and instead use knobs and cables to generate endless frequencies and noises that need to controlled by other methods.  As you move forward from there you begin to see more user friendly offerings that actually take into account the anatomy of a human, and how our hands and eyes like to interact with each other.  Small drum machines like the Nord Drum have the minimum amount of buttons and knobs needed but retain the ability to control its complexities, thanks to a sensible layout and labeled buttons.

A step beyond those typical layouts brings us to gear with more tactile settings.  The QuNeo (although not a synthesizer) does implement the idea of creating your own buttons and your own inputs that can be changed as the user sees fit.  The MacBeth Touch Keyboard Stereo Synthesizer blends these touch technology elements into that of a synthesizer – effectively bridging the gap between synthesizers and touch control.  Although this is still in the development phases, the idea of touch keyboards on a hardware synthesizer is appealing to many, and I’m sure the MacBeth creation will have a large following.