November 23, 2012

Sonote Beat Re:Edit For Mac & PC

There are many different branches of electronic music and some of them are very hard to classify in a single genre.  Mainstream EDM music consists of everything we already know as electronic – including DrumNBass, Trance, House etc.  The newer forms of electronically produced music can be wild an eccentric to someone who has been around longer than 20 years.   For example, Dubstep may seem noisy and random when compared to something more melodic and pulse driven.  Some forms of music that combine different elements of music, such as electronic music and hip hop are also popular, and this style has even branched off into its own brand of music, known as glitch hop.  If you’ve ever listened to groups like the Glitch Mob you may have figured something very interesting out.

It almost sounds as if a producer literally took bits and selections from each song and laid them side by side.  This differs from our traditional idea of sampling where only individual voices or instruments are taken from a song to be resampled.  This idea of remixing is being fully explored by many, and Traktor’s remix decks simulate this idea of restructuring a song’s phrases into a new being.  If there are any Steinberg users out there, you might be happy to hear that Sonote Beat Re:Edit has been released, which works on the same principal of cutting short phrases together.  It allows you to do what the Remix Decks can do, but in a producer’s environment.