November 26, 2012

Sound Magic “Orchestral Strings One” Composer Technology Contest

There are many digital audio workstations out there that can help you emulate the tones and sounds of live instruments to some degree, but only to an extent.  After all, the human body is imprecise and classical musicians tend to impart some of their character into the pieces they play.  This means that dynamics might be emphasized when there is nothing in the notation that would suggest to do so, or slight errors in timing might be present that are completely uncalled for.  There is a subtle beauty in these types of mistakes that are made it is what gives music a human feel that we can instantly recognize.

For this reasons, DAWs have been created that only focus on specific instruments, such as Native Instrument’s Studio Drummer Software – which lets you fine tune your percussion with better samples and more variation to create a more authentic sound.  Likewise, there are programs for string and orchestral instruments, such as Sound Magic “Orchestral Strings One”, which lets you compose your own music.  In an effort to promote their software, Sound Magic is running a contest to see who can create the best two minute production using their free software.  There are no genre or style restrictions, and the winner will walk away with a copy of Supreme Piano 2.