November 26, 2012

Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1 ‘The Most Advanced Musical Instrument For iOS’

Midi controllers come in all shapes and forms, but they usually do not differ in the way that they receive their input.  Most use some type of tactile input like a square pad or a piano key to receive a command from their human operator.  Advancements in midi technology have given rise to alternative ways to input a command – other than a pad that tells the computer something is “on” or “off”.  Pads have become more sensitive, and can even detect the velocity of a button press – meaning one button can do more than just one thing.  Other advancements like voltage control and capacitance technology have allows midi controller to be essentially button-less (think QuNeo).

Actual midi “instruments” are another story altogether.  There have been few attempts made by crafty individuals to take the concept of a midi controller and apply it to an ergonomic instrument that we can relate to.  We’ve seen offerings that are shaped like guitars, or reed-like instruments – but so far none of them have been taken to shop to be massed produced and marketed as an “instrument”.  Artiphon is looking to change that with a production midi instrument that is anything but a hack-job.  They claim it to be the most advanced controller out there; built from quality materials (as a real instrument should be).  Just what is it exactly?  We don’t know, but it looks like a table top guitar or steel guitar.