November 28, 2012

DJ Player 5.5: DVS Arrives For iPad By Christmas

It’s hard to admit this, but DJing on a laptop might be going out of style soon.  I, for one, have a hard time committing to the idea of just using the laptop itself.  It’s a personal issue, but I find it easier to flip on some old vinyl records – instead of having to connect my laptop, my midi controller, and my hard drive.  I’m actually not that old, but making statements like this probably place me up there with older DJ relics that haven’t been dusted off in ages.  Tablet technology has gone as far as it needed to in order for it to become a workable medium.  It’s the software guys who deserve the credit for actually taking the iPad and making it something DJs can actually use (opposed to a laptop).

DJ Player 5.0 was mentioned a while back, as an alternative to mainstream DVS programs.  It lets you use any timecoded vinyl to control songs right off of your Apple device.  The program, version 5.5, has been reworked and modified to work with nearly all existing touch devices (including your iPod Touch).  Come Christmas time, you will essentially be able to use your tablet as your mainstay DVS, using the audio directly from your device.