November 29, 2012

Our Kind Of Holiday Lights – Das Blinkenlights

For the price of a small car you could have the modular synthesizer rack of your dreams – and by small call I don’t mean a Honda Civic.  The current bucking trend of synthesizers leaves them relatively portable and simple to set-up.  Of course learning to wire your audio from one source to another is the easy part – the hard part is playing with vast amount of settings to figure out what instrument configurations sound best to you.  One of the more talked about Moog synthesizers is the Little Phatty Stage II Analog Synthesizer, which is capable of delivering the analog goodness that producers seek.  It’ll give you your typical keyboard layout with wheels on the left side and buttons facing front.

The only thing it cannot give you is a decent light show.  It’s sort of the no-frills, straight to business look that’s expected from a unit of this size.  The need for colorful buttons and flashing icons amounts to no more than bells and whistles and would hinder functionality in the amount of space provided.  If you really want to play around with some holiday lights then you will need to step back a decade or so and play around with some cool effects offered to you on a modular setup.