November 29, 2012

Over To You: How To Start Making House Music?

If you’re into pulsating rhythmic music, then genres like house music may be right up your alley.  Most music created in this genre has similarities that separate it from other electronic music such as dubstep, or trance – but from a producer’s perspective they all share some similar characteristics.  Those who are looking to produce house music would do well by listening and DJing house music.  It sounds simple enough, but it will actually reveal the structure and phrasing of songs that our ears expect to hear.  House music tends to stick around the same tempo (135 beats per minute), with a few exceptions – but it is nowhere near as diverse as the tempos you’ll find in hip-hop music.

If you ask a producer how to produce house music, you might get some stonewalled responses and dirty stares; and this is because there is no standard by which the music is made.  It really begins by exploring your own creativity and learning to build layers of music upon each other.  You will need to have a decent command over music making software like Ableton, which will help you structure your music and piece together in a more holistic approach.  Luckily, there are many tutorials out there where producers will share some building blocks to get your started.