November 29, 2012

Samsung 55″ SmartTV Video Review

For DJs who need a powerful laptop to take with them to gigs, the Macbook Pro is a viable option for more than just its processor and operating system alone.  Size is huge factor, and a 13 inch laptop that maintains a small size (small edged around the actual screen itself) is actually preferred when compared to the 15 inch version that is not only heavier, but harder to mount on a laptop stand.  Tablets are becoming popular, and I suspect that size is one of the reasons they command so much respect.  When you eliminate the keyboard from the tablet, you free yourself from the need to incorporate a stand into your setup.

Television companies are taking notes from tablet producers, and are beginning to create “smart” televisions that follow the same pattern.  For those who are producing at home, the benefits of having more screen real estate is paramount, and when you add sensing functions like voice control and a built in camera that senses your movements, you really take the television beyond that limits of watching your favorite shows or movies.  Samsung’s newest offering, the 55” smart television, may indeed become the oversized tablet that producers have been looking for.