November 29, 2012

Classic KORG Polysix, Reimagined for iPad

Some of the more classic examples of synthesizer use can be found in old pop music videos.  When Gary Numan produced hits like “Are Friends Electric?” and “Cars” the music world was taken by storm, and seeing musicians on stage activating instruments with the press of a key (snare hits etc.) was shocking, to say the least.  Many analog musicians (guitarists, drummers, pianists) were slightly upset – knowing that their talent was being replaced by a digital machine.  Synthesizers of that era were not capable of doing more than one thing at a time, nor where they capable of looping and sequencing.

When the Korg Polysix was invented, it was considered a major achievement for synth users.  Of course, it was also a massive beast that out-sized and outweighed a fully-loaded turntable coffin.  In recent years, the Polysix was ported to the desktop computer and once again became adored by its users.  Now, by the end of this year the iPolysix will be made available for the iPad – and it looks promising.  Unlike similar synthesizers for the iPad, the iPolysix actually uses rotary knobs and was designed to be manipulated with more ease than a standard iPad synth app.  Since it’s a more powerful program, it is recommended that it be used with the iPad 2 or later.