November 30, 2012

ReBirth For iPad Reborn

Propellerhead has sort of been behind the scenes in terms of production lately.  Many of the big DAW and software producers out there have been expanding horizontally; adding actually hardware and gear to their repertoire.  Even businesses that have nothing to do with DJ gear have taken the same approach, slowly bridging the gap between hardware and software.  Native Instruments has pushed past Rane in this respect, offering a plethora of Traktor certified gear that couples nicely with their controller offerings.  Propellehead has been working on projects large and small.

One of their more recent “fun” projects was Propellerhead’s “Figure” for iOS, which turned out to be a fun little music making app with the potential to become something real.  ReBirth has always been a popular plug-in for DAW users (mainly FL Studio guys) but until now it was only available for PC – and Reason still holds ground as their flagship DAW.

They’ve recently decided to go the iOS route and port a full-fledged version of their software for those who want to have the same tool on the go.  ReBirth 1.3 meets the iPad with a host of connectivity options with midi control, and well known Roland instruments have been added to keep things interesting.