December 2, 2012

Liquid Notes Brings ‘Music Intelligence’ To Your DAW

Do you know someone who was forced to play piano when they were a child?  At the time it may have seemed like a terrible punishment, since piano isn’t really the coolest instrument out there.  I’m sure those kids would have rather spent that time learning how to play the drums or guitar, or something equally as impressive to a kid in school.  Now that we’re older and trying to take music production seriously – I bet some of us are wishing we played piano when we were younger.

Piano is one of these instruments that cover all bases.  If you can read sheet music and play piano well, then you already understand facets of music creation such as dynamics, chord progression, and counterpoint.  Pianists can easily apply these skills to digital computer making since they already know how to create harmonies and tones that are pleasant to the ear.

If you aren’t in that category (as I am not) then Liquid Notes may be of help to you.  It’s an external application that adds “intelligence” to your music by letting you experiment with harmonies.  Note that it is not a plugin for your favorite DAW, like Ableton, rather, it has to be used alongside it.