December 3, 2012

Geneva Sound System Model XS Speaker

Technology is usually expensive when it first arrives.  Back when Pentium 1 chips were all the rage, families where shelling out for computers that cost upwards of five thousand dollars, yet today we have wrist watches that are capable of computing just as much information at a fraction of the cost.  Yes, as technology gets better and more abundant, prices tend to go down as well – making it more accessible to everyone instead of just a few.  One phenomenon that is typically concurrent with technological advances in computing is a reduction in size.

We’ve watched laptops go from something the size of a math book, to something the size of a notepad.  This trend is also noticeable in other forms of electronics such as speakers.  It is currently possible to get big sound from a small device, without sacrificing too much quality on the back end.  The Roland BA-330 Portable PA System gives you the power of a larger PA system, but at a relatively miniature size and powered by batteries.

But if that isn’t small enough for your liking, Geneva Labs has released the Model XS Speaker; a portable speaker system that comes at a size that rivals an Altoids mint container.  At $250, it isn’t a cheap buy – but there is supposedly a lot of technology that separates this speaker from the twenty dollar speakers you find in bargain bins.