December 4, 2012

New iTunes 11 Review: What DJs Should Know

For better or worse, if you own an iPod, an iPhone, and brand spankin’ new Macbook Pro, then you’ve had some experience using iTunes.  iTunes is not the preferred music player for many casual listeners because it takes up significantly more computer resources than the next best media player (I’m not referring to Windows Media Player here); however, many DJs have succumbed to its seduction due to its clever integration with popular DVS programs like Serato and Traktor.  Since organizing playlists and songs within the DVS can be a bit of a headache, organizing your media using iTunes and importing your settings offers a quicker way to get things setup the way you like.

The iTunes 11 update has just been released, and since many of the graphical features have been changed, many DJs (and casual listeners) may be hesitant to make the upgrade.  One very noticeable change is that songs and albums can be organized visually instead of simply being listed in alphabetical order.  While this might not seem like something useful – perhaps you might remember when you instantly recognized your LP’s by their album cover and not the writing on the record sleeve.  Those who are more visually inclined may appreciate this change.