December 5, 2012

Loading a Small Sub for a Boost

Using a larger powered PA system inside the house for casual listening is not idea, nor is using a home theatre system for DJing or producing.  Some people may not have any other option than to use what they have available to them – but if you have the choice to have two different setups (one for outdoor or small venue events, and one for home listening) then go for it.  Active monitors for production can also be used for DJ to practice with in the bedroom or the studio, but there has to be a careful balance of clarity and SPL that need to be maintained.

KRK Rokit series speakers are a popular choice for both producers and DJs because they deliver enough clarity to separate mid and high frequencies within a song.  One issue DJs have with a decent set of monitors is that they simply do not deliver enough low ends.  Having separation of sounds in the mid range is ideal when you want to separate snare hits to get and get idea of what they sound like if they overlap, but when at gigs, you’re going to have to learn to deal with bass.

Getting a separate powered subwoofer is a wise choice, if you’re going to train yourself to mix well with it, but proper placement is also key, as the writers from audioholics describe in their article.