December 5, 2012

Traktor Integration With Pioneer CDJ-350s

The amount of equipment “tiers” available for DJs of all types has made it easy for a beginner to get his hands dirty.  Some may prefer to take the minimal approach from the very beginning, using virtualized hardware and needing nothing more than an iPad and a decent DJing app.  This will probably cost you the least as long as you have a good reason to purchase the iPad in the first place.

Others may begin with a hardware based approach and the ability to spin analog tracks if they desire (meaning no computer needs to be involved at all).  This setup will likely cost you the most down the road, especially if you’re looking to add a digital interface or DVS program like Serato to the mix.  Those who purchased a one piece midi controller setup may have a dilemma down the road, if they’re looking to transition to a hardware-based setup.  CD players like the CDJ-350 are easier to move on to (versus a turntable), given the fact that they can be used a midi controller as well, without the need for an additional sound card.

With a copy of the light Traktor Pro and an analog mixer – you should be able to warm up to this setup with ease.