December 5, 2012

Caption This! The Phantom Of The Monster Synth Edition

It’s hard to imagine this now, but gigantic rooms filled with vacuum tubes were once considered something futuristic.  The first “computers” to be created for public use were not something that could be bought in a store and taken home to use.  In fact, they most likely would not fit in a house at all, and may have cost the price of a small house to begin with.

These sort of thoughts seem to parallel the creation of the first analog synthesizers.  Modular synthesizer in particular, where not something that could be stored inside a flight case and brought to your local gig to session with.  It was more common to see them built into rooms alongside other pieces of unmovable hardware – creating a mini laboratory of synthesizers.

In 1974, a movie was created known as “Phantom of the Paradise”, which features a scene that takes place in the future set beside a room full of antiquated synthesizer equipment.  Naturally, this movie was a bust everywhere except for a few notable areas, this small snapshot easily captures familiar themes of that movie making era.  Something about seems more like a spoof of a star trek movie, not un-similar to the cult classic “Spaceballs”.