DJ Scott Mad Flip

DJ Scott Mad Flip
February 22, 2011

Numark Mixtrack Pro vs. Vestax Typhoon vs. Reloop Digital Jockey 2 : DJ Controller Comparison

Which DJ controller should I start out with?  This is a question that we are asked quite often here at Unique Squared.  There are many choices out there so we narrowed it down to three.  The Numark Mixtrack Pro, Vestax Typhoon, and Reloop’s Digital Jockey 2.  These controllers cost less than $300, have similar features and are suitable for beginner to intermediate DJs.  Controllers are becoming more prevalent in the market and it is tough to decide which one will suit you best.  Maybe we can help.  Check out our comparison video..


Hi, what’s going on this is Scott Magno, DJ Madflip here with Today we’re going to talk about controllers, you guys have had a lot of questions about some of the controllers out there. We’re going to go through some of the differences and even which one we would recommend.
Today we’re going to talk about some of the beginner to intermediate controllers that we carry that we think are probably going to work out for you.
Alright, first let’s start off with the Mixtrack Pro. This is going to come with Virtual DJ LE.
Next we have the Vestax Typhoon, this is also going to come with Virtual DJ LE, specifically for Vestax it is also Traktor LE ready.
Now the last one is going to be the Reloop Digital Jockey 2, this one is going to come specifically for Traktor, laid out perfectly for LE and also Traktor Pro.
First off, the size and contruction the Mixtrak Pro is full plastic construction, a little bigger than the other ones, bigger jog wheels. Right off the bat you can see that that one is a little bit bigger than the other ones.
The Vestax Typhoon is a little bit more compact, a nice red color, nice construction. This thing is very, very, light weight and compact.
Now the Reloop Digital Jockey 2 is going to be primarily metal construction. A couple of the elements are plastic, but this is going to be the heavier and taller of the three.
So on all of these you’re going to have the built in audio interface. This means that right out of the box, you can install the software and you can plug it in to your laptop or computer, and you can be up and running, without having any other kind of soundcard.
That means you can have your master out and you can also have your kind of headphone cue built in directly to the interface.
Ok, so the Jog wheels on the Numark have dual function, they’re a little big, bigger than the other two and you can use those to scratch, and also speed up and slow down your tracks.
On the Vestax Typhoon, you’ve got a smaller jog wheel and you can use those to speed up or slow down, scratch on top, and you can also hit that filter button so you can modulate your effects with the jogwheel itself, you’re also able to adjust the sensitivity of the jog wheels on the back.
Now on the Reloop Digital Jockey 2 you have a smaller jog wheel, but kind of a heavier feel when you scratch on it.
This is going to give you four functions, on this one you’re going to be able to speed up and slow down your tracks, you’re able to hit another button and do some scratching, you’re also able to scroll through all of your tracks by hitting another button and using the jog wheels for that, you can also hit one more button and you’re able to control the effects.
Ok, now all of them are pretty set up just about the same as far as the mixer section, but I want to talk about the EQ’s. On the Mixtrack pro you’ve got the rotary EQ’s for your mids, highs, and treble on the Vestax Typhoon.
You’ve got more of that PMC 05, 07 pro trademark, Vestax, vertical sliders for your high, mids, lows, and also for your gain.
Now on the Reloop digital jockey 2, you also have the rotary faders for the Low, Mids, Highs, and also for your gain, but you also have it for pan as well now you can also hit the knobs and that will serve as an EQ kill. So you can take those right out, I really like that about the Reloop.
Ok, so all of them are going to have the ability to do looping right on the fly. You’ve got in, out, you can select your loop on top of that.
Now the Numark Mixtrack Pro actually has designated hot cue buttons. You’re not going to have that on the Typhoon or the Digital Jockey 2, but since they’re both MIDI assignable, you can actually map your cue points to any of the buttons on the controller and have those conveniently for you.
Browsing is pretty much going to be the same on all of them, except you have another rotary on the Mixtrack pro, so you can just go through your tracks and you can just hit a button to go left and right to your decks.
On the Typhoon you’ve got sort of that Nintendo, D-pad where you go up and down and you will go left and right to put your tracks in the decks you also have the rotary on the digital jockey as well. Boom, boom.
Ok, so we just checked out three controllers that we consider to be for beginners all the way up to intermediate. If you have any other questions about this, please leave me a comment and I will answer it personally.
If you would like us to do a review for another product or if you want us to do another comparison for other controllers, leave a comment too and we’ll be happy to consider it.
Now, if you want to be a DJ and you’re wondering how to get started, please check out my article, go to As always follow us on Facebook and also on Twitter. Thanks again so much, I’m Scott Magno, DJ madflip, Be U, be Unique, at


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  2. Nice comparison. Personally I’ve chosen the Reloop, because of the price and that it is made of good materials so I don’t have to worry about it when I carry it in a bag. Also comments about it and functionality that it has made me to decide buying it. For the beginners (relatively to one of the last posts) I think that it is in 90% price on the first place and then functionality. You don’t need to buy expensive equipment while you don’t really know what you need and will you even use it professionally. I see lot of auctions on ebay or such with comment ‘I bought it to be a dj, but it stand in clocet for a year, so I’m selling it’. So where is the logic?

    About other controllers – recently I’ve found something called American Audio VMS4 and I’m curious what is it and how it works, because in my coutry the price is really low and the functionality it has is really high, but I didn’t hear about it earlier.

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  4. Jazz says:

    Great review. No mention of inputs. Would be good to know how these stack up against each other as far as number of inputs to hookup say turntables or ipods?

  5. ASN says:

    Hi, I’m trying to choose between the Reloop reloop jockey 2 Interface Edition and Vestax VCI-100MKII. Any thoughts please? Really cant make up my mind….

  6. Perks says:

    NUMARK !!! =D

  7. Nikko says:


    I have a question I’d like to get answered.

    I am able to get my hands on a used Reloop Digital Jockey 2 INTERFACE edition for almost the same price as a NEW Mixtrack Pro.

    Which one should I go with? I dont know the Reloop-seller personally so it’s not a friend of mine or something like that.

    What would you consider and why?

    PS! I’ve watched the clip but would like to ask aswell.


  8. Drakko says:

    hi bro, i wanna be a dj, i´m totally a beginner, which interface would you recomend me for mi propose?
    tnx be unique!!

    1. What’s your budget? The Mixtrack Pro and Vestax Typhoon have been great sellers with very good feedback and are priced well. If you your budget permits these are perfect for beginning DJs. Thanks for the comment!

      1. Drakko says:

        a lot of thanks bro, i’ll looking for a typhoon in monterrey, mexico, it looks pretty good.
        thanks again this is an awesome site, the blog, the information, the tendencies, everything is cool.

        1. Thanks for the nice comments! Let us know when you’re ready and we’ll get you sorted. Cheers!

          1. Drakko says:

            i follow uniquesquad on twitter, do you have one? or is the same? i’m @Arlecchino_Dj, it would be cool if you follow me, thanks
            be unique

  9. ga8ri3l says:

    Nice comparison bro… I’m starting in DJ mobile business and i want to know which of it i should choose. I like the Reloop for everything but maybe i need some equipment with more than RCA’s outputs… maybe some controller with 1/4 jack or XLR outputs… don’t you think?

    1. Absolutely, if you’re going to need reliable gear for a business you might want to look at investing in a product that has a lot of versatility. Check out the DN-MC6000, it’s great for mobile DJ’s. Thanks for the comment!

  10. Larry says:

    Thanks for a great review of three of the top choices out there to get started with! I currently have the iDJ3 by Numark, which is very similar to the Mixtrack Pro. I love the iDJ3 and Mixtrack Pro; however, I recently spotted the Gemini’s CTRL-Six and CTRL-47 on the web. The CTRL-Six caught my attention because of the inputs and balanced out (two things the Mixtrack Pro doesn’t have). The CTRL-47 added control for 4 decks. Do you plan on doing a review of either of the Gemini controllers? I can’t find a decent review anywhere.

  11. Sebastian says:


  12. Rick says:

    Whats better a Gemini Ctrl-2 or a Numark mixer Pro ?
    How do they differ from one another im a begginer.

  13. Rick says:

    Whats better overall a numark mixtrack Pro or Gemini Ctrl-2
    I bought a Gemini Ctrl-2 but i dont know if i should have gotten the Mixtrack Pro better.

    1. The Mixtrack Pro has been one of our best sellers and the quality is undeniably good coming from Numark. It is also versatile and can be used with Virtual DJ and Traktor Pro. I hope this helps!

  14. hnsthc!! says:

    I’ve got big problem, i don’t know if typoon would be enaugh for me, I am a beginer but want to buy something that will serve me for some time and have as much possibilities in the controler as I can get

    1. You can try the VCI-100 or 300 if you are set on a Vestax controller. The new Kontrol S2 is great, too. What is your budget?

  15. hnsthc!! says:

    Well unfortunately it’s tight, I can afford smth up to 300$, in my country the best thing I can buy for this price are Vestax Typhoon and Reloop Digital Jockey 2 Interface Edition.

    1. hnsthc!! says:

      I can add that I am keen on scratching

    2. No worries, the Vestax Typhoon would definitely be my recommendation. The jogs are accurate and suitable for scratching, too.

  16. Nikola says:

    Can the Numark Mixtrack Pro work with all features on Traktor PRO 2?
    and can i hear the song on the other deck,before it’s played thought the speakers.
    tnx a lot 4 the answer

    1. Nikola says:

      od should i say can Traktor PRO 2 work with all features on the Numark Mixtrack PRO (effects,loops,cue’s etc.)

      1. Yes, absolutely. We used the latest version at the time of our video demo. Check it out on our youtube channel.

  17. Astonj says:

    Which would you recommend for a newish DJ, using Traktor Pro 2 on a Macbook Pro 13″? It needs to be suitable for home DJ’ing AND Small parties etc, so I’m kindda thinking the Reloop Digital Jockey 2 Interface Edition? I’d like to be able to scratch etc easily as well…. Maybe the Mixtrack Pro would be better? What do you think?

    1. The Macbook Pro is always a good choice for reliability and performance if you have the means. I still prefer the Mixtrack Pro over the Digital Jockey 2, it’s been more reliable for our customers. I hope this helps!

  18. BeeKat says:

    Hi all,

    I have had no DJ expirience what so ever. What would be the best to get started and familiar with? But if i chose to take it further will serve a bit longer also?

    1. I’ll recommend the Mixrack Pro for you. It is the most popular and many of our customers start out with it and love it. You can definitely grow with it, too because of its compatibility with Traktor Pro. I hope this helps!

      1. BeeKat says:

        Thank you! I will buy it this friday! and let you know how I go, i was pulling towards it, but theres soooo much out there that looks appealing it makes it hard…thanks

  19. Rasmus868 says:

    Hi! I would like you to make a Numark Mixtrack Pro vs Hercules DJ Control Air comparison. Which one is better for a beginner dj? So I could make a descision which one to buy! Thanks!

    1. The Mixtrack Pro might be best if you eventually want to play gigs as a DJ. You can use the Mixtrack Pro with Virtual DJ Pro and Traktor Pro, whereas the Air is proprietary to the DJuced software and doesn’t have the output functionality for a professional environment. However, the Control Air is fun to use if you are already a DJ, but it might not be a good stepping stone for pro use. I hope this helps!

      1. Rasmus868 says:

        Thank you very much! It helped me a lot.

  20. DJ ZBD says:

    Just watched your video and I m still stuck between Numark and Vestax! I am converting from being a long time vinyl/Technics user and have been playing about with Virtual DJ free getting good results but want to take it further so need a controller.

    Not into scratching but I really want to have flexibility with loops/EQ/Effects in running mixes so am drawn to Numark but like the Vestax for build quality and slider EQs I have been used to using on my old PMCO7 mixer.

    I think I am edging towards the Numark, whats your advice.

    PS Not even considering the Digital Jockey as it seems a bit too elaborate for my requirements.

    1. taylor says:

      Both are good controllers but if you are a more advanced DJ (I am inferring because of your experience with Technics) you may feel limited after some time. Have you considered other controllers from Numark and Vestax like the Numark 4TRAK or N4 or the Vestax VCI 400 or VCI 380?

      The reason I ask is because there are so many new controllers coming out and the technology is advancing every year so you might want to consider the entire market of controllers out there as opposed to just these two from Numark and Vestax.

      Let me know if you have any other questions.

  21. vlada88 says:

    hello im just wondering, can mixtrack pro handle soundystem of 5000 watts with his build in soundard, will music have good quality, will it manage to run through 6 hours party

    1. Taylor says:

      The soundcard on the Mixtrack Pro has nothing to do with how the PA handles output. You are not running power into the controller from the PA so there is no reason to think the Mixtrack can somehow “handle” 5000 watts of power. The sound quality is dependent on the soundcard yes but it does not dictate how the PA functions and the PA does not dictate how the soundcard functions.

      And yes it can handle a 6 hour party which sounds like fun :)