December 9, 2012

uPhase+ Lets You Improvise With Phased Sequences

Turntablists and drummers have at least one thing in common.  They need to have some sense of rhythm to create their own style.  The unspoken rule here is that technique is not everything, unless you’re Buddy Rich and technique IS everything.  Most of us however, need style to make up for what we lack in technique.

Have you ever heard the drums to a well produced song, where you couldn’t “catch” the beat or figure out when the snare was going to hit?  The producer basically used clever timing to throw your sense off.  Drummers know it as syncopated rhythms, which happen when you begin to work with phased sequences.  Scratch DJs and turntablists know this concept well.  It’s a gentle play between expectations and unexpected rhythms that confuses the mind of the listener.  It’s hard to describe in words, but you know exactly what is it when you hear it done well.

The analogy can be traced back to drummers who’ve simply gotten tired of the same boring, linear drum fills.  You can beat you tom toms in the same order all night long – and even if you do the same thing as the next guy twice as fast, it isn’t as impressive as phasing the rhythms out.  uPhase+ was designed on this concept – to add creativity by phasing your rhythms.