December 9, 2012

The Moog Factory

When I was a snotty kid in grade school, I had the pleasure of touring the Hostess factory – which, sadly does not exist anymore.  For a kid no older than 9 years old, it was the closest I’d get to the fantasy of visiting Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.  There were millions of baked goods produced each day, in a variety of appeasing colors such as pink, white, and blue.  It was almost as if the Easter bunny was made of candy, and someone had chopped him up into small bite sized pieces.  As I grew older, however, the thought of having the factory to myself became less and less of a fantasy.

Today, electronics are my “candy”, and there is a lot I would give to have the chance at entering one of these “factories”.  The Moog Factory is something to be admired.  Simply owning one piece of Moog Equipment can set you back your disposable income for at least one month.  Now, imagine having access to countless piece of equipment to perform with.  Some lucky musicians got the chance to tour the factory, with access to many of splendid grown-up toys that many of us could never afford. Needless to say, some beautiful music was made that day.