December 10, 2012

I-MEGO Throne Gold On-Ear Headphones

Of all the pieces of equipment a DJ uses in their setup, the headphones are, without a doubt, the most personal piece of gear.  There really isn’t a club standard when it comes to the pair of cans sitting around your head.

The same cannot be said for necessities like, needs and cartridges.  Ninety percent of turntablists and scratch DJs will agree that M447’s are really the only good option if you want clarity of sound and good skip protection.  Headphones do not play to the audience, they play to the DJ – and this is root of personal headphone selection.

Many prefer to have good separation of sound that borderlines a production monitor’s sound.  Depending on what type of music you listen to, it might be more vital to differentiate the sound of two concurrent snare hits on mixed tracks.  HD-25-1 II’s hold their cornerstone for this specific reason.  However, the outside of your headphones are what audiences get to look at and admire, and style becomes a factor at this point.  I-MEGO’s Throne Gold headphones cater to DJs of this type who want something with a little more class and elegance.  Whether it’s performance or style, you shouldn’t have a problem finding a pair that suits your needs.