December 10, 2012

Giant Prototype Windows 8 Multi-Touch Instrument

Even with the benchmarks test for Windows 8 showing positive results, the common man may have issue with switching over to version 8.  If you’re going to have to reformat your entire hard drive and catalogue all of your settings, then there better be a good reason to switch.  Other than Win8’s ability to run touch screen devices and its updated GUI for the “Windows impaired” out there, there aren’t many truly good uses for it.

Apple still owns the market when it comes to touch screen technology, and the Microsoft Surface won’t be replacing the iPad any time soon.  So it begs the question, “What is Windows 8 really good for?”  The truth is that Windows 8 really shines when coupled with large touch screens and software that puts it to good use.  I don’t see Apple coming out with a gigantic 23 inch version of their iPad any time soon, so this puts Windows 8 users at a distinct advantage.

One developer, Rob Fielding, has been working on a new project for this multi-touch screen running Windows 8.  He uses an overwhelming large area screen that gives meaning to the word “desktop”.  Of course, it’s in its infancy and suffers from massive latency problems – but that’s something to be ironed out later on.