December 10, 2012

Use a Tripod with your Microphone for A/V Calibrations

If money was no object, I would have my two turntables and mixer set in a wood desk with reverse beveled holes – so that my equipment would set flush with the top of the mixer.  Then I would have my KRK monitors drilled into the ceilings at opposite corners facing down towards. Unfortunately, money is something that I’m not swimming in.  Such is the case for many musicians and bedroom DJs; we save just enough money to buy a new piece of gear but have to make do with a makeshift desk or stand to place it upon.

This is not ideal, but it works – for a while.  Once you begin adding microphones to your setup, the need for better mounting hardware becomes apparent.  Purchasing an adjustable tripod is a small investment that will do wonders for your setup.  Whether it’s loudspeakers or an Omni-directional microphone, having it properly mounted with a tripod will save you one free hand, and will give you better quality recordings.

If you already own a tripod to mount your gear, know that positioning is just as important – otherwise you might as well go back to using your hand as a stand.  Audioholics lays out a few key tips on positioning.