February 23, 2011

Samson Meteor Mic First Look

We were lucky enough to receive the Samson Meteor Mic in today and Taylor jumped on the opportunity to try it out. The tentative release date for this mic is April 15th, so there is plenty of time for you to drool over how awesome it looks. Check out his video above and be sure to leave us a comment below.

Here’s what the box says:

Meteor Mic is the universal solution for recording music on your Mac or PC. Also ideal for Skype, iChat or voice recognition, Meteor Mic’s integral stand adjusts for any application. With Meteor Mic you can make incredible recordings that are out of this world.

  • Large (25mm) diaphragm condenser for rich audio recording
  • CD quality, 16-bit, 44.1/48kHz resolution
  • Patent pending fold-back leg design
  • Stereo 1/8-inch headphone jack for no latency monitoring
  • Headphone volume control with microphone mute switch
  • Includes USB cable and carry pouch

Thanks for checking in.

Video Transcript:

Hi guys, this is Taylor with UniqueSquared and you know we’re always bring you the latest information on pro audio and digital recording equipment. Today, we have a brand new microphone from Samson.
This is the Meteor Mic, this is a USB powered condenser microphone, 25mm capsule and it just looks cool. It has a nice space age design.
What you have on the bottom is for your mic stand, but what’s great about this mic is that you don’t even need a mic stand. You can just pop these legs out, boom, you’re ready to record.
It’s totally adjustable too, for any recording situation that you may encounter. So let’s take a look at it, a little closer.
On the back you have your USB in and also your ⅛ inch headphone monitoring in. And then on the front this dial here controls your headphone level and then this switch right here is for your mute and unmute.
Now, what we’re going to do is we’re going to hook this up and give you guys a chance to hear what it sounds like.
So I’m running garageband right now and as soon as I plugged in the microphone, garageband immediately recognized it as the Samson Meteor Mic. Yes I want to use this device.
So we are all set up and ready to go, let me enable the track. So right now it’s on blue which means it is record enabled.
If I were to flick the switch it would go to amber which means that it is muted, and then if you ever see a red light that’s your peak level for your gain.
So, I’m going to go ahead and record a vocal real quick to just let you guys hear how it sounds.
Ok so, check, test one two, the waveforms are drawing, it all looks good. Now I’m about six inches away maybe a little further from the microphone, so you’re getting a chance to hear what the levels sound like.
I haven’t put any compression on this or any EQ, this is just a flat recording of my vocal just so you guys can get a chance to hear what that sounds like.
Ok cool, so what I’ll do is I’ll pick up the guitar real quick and kind of show you guys what that sounds like.
Now I’m not a guitar player so please be kind on the forums but I’ll just play you guys a little something, so you can hear how instruments sound on here. It sounds great.
So the Samson Meteor Mic, this has a release date for April 15th and we are going to have them in stock here at UniqueSquared.
Now, we’re always doing giveaways here at UniqueSquared and if you follow us on Facebook or Twitter, you can find the latest information on how you can enter to win a prize. So follow us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, subscribe to our Youtube channel. And always, be you, be unique, at


  1. Bayless says:

    Very nice USB mic! Would be a great addition to Zombie Popcorn Radio.

  2. emily dunlay says:

    oh my gosh! this looks so super swift n neat! i wannnnt!

  3. John R says:

    Seems like a pretty solid mic for the type of stuff I wanna start doing. I’m going to have to buy one when they get released.

  4. emily dunlay says:

    haha ‘yes i want to use this samson meteor mic’ cute wink ;)

  5. Zac says:

    Pretty sweet! I want one for my recordings so bad!

  6. Sean L says:

    Awesome mic!!!

  7. Richard Alden says:

    I’ve never seen a microphone quite like this one before and I have to say I’m extremely impressed. The first test with just speech didn’t seem to be that great in quality but when he picked up the guitar (although he says hes not a guitarist) the sound seemed extremely rich and clear in quality. I could definitely see myself using a Samson Meteor Mic or a mic similar to it for recording on the go and even using in the studio. I would say the no latency monitoring headphone jack would be my favorite and most enjoyable part of this mic, especially since with most home studios its almost always impossible to have zero latency, but with this you can do just that. With its uniqueness, originality and versatility, I would be sure to find multiple ways and multiple situations to use a mic like this to its full potential.

  8. Nathan says:

    This mic looks incredibly cool, and it has some good specs. :D

  9. Rick says:

    Would love one of these!!

  10. Lou Cohen says:

    cool USB mic… would be awesome to have one

  11. Andrzej Sitek says:

    Great review Guys! It’s good to be able to check out what’s the gear with its full features description in almost 3:30 minutes. Fast enough to decide if the gear is must-to-have or just another product.

    I’m really glad to hear about this new mic from Samson!:) Really universal piece of hardware. These are the things I love about this mic:
    + condenser – although it is quite obvious that if we want to be more distant to a microphone it should be condenser but still it will give this mic good frequency response and transient reproduction.
    + USB connection – no phantom needed, period. Recording a podcasts or your inspirations must be a pleasure! I know that when the inspiration comes there’s not too much time to get it recorded. There’s nothing more frustrating for me than loosing great creative mood because I have to plug the cable to mic, then mic to interface, then interface to my Mac, and start recording not as fast as I’d like. With this sweet little mic you just bypass the whole chain and are instantly ready to record. And the quality is really impressive (you will throw your mobile phone to garbage:D).
    + 25 mm capsule – large diaphragm condenser mics should have so called “proximity effect” which boosts low frequencies when speakers/singers mouth is closer to the diaphragm. It’s a small pity that we can’t hear it in the review because it can ensure all the podcasters that they would be able to achieve this specific low “radio voice” such necessary for their auditions!! I just wonder what polar pattern is it? Cardioid?
    - design – it’s just awesome! Looks like an expensive vintage gear. I really like when the gear looks amazing. It looks expensive and solid:)
    + stands – for this kind of mic it’s a perfect solution. You have opportunity to save some money not buying a dedicated microphone stand although you can, but I guess the main target of this piece of gear is home recording (it doesn’t have any different connectors than USB so you won’t use it with your mixer or console) and that’s enough.
    + headphone connector – yes, it seams to be your 2 in 1 gear – microphone + audio interface, thanks to additional socket. That’s nice although this kind of digital microphones usually have it.. but NO LATENCY monitoring is just a perfect part of design! Mute switch is a great feature especially when you’d like to use it as Skype/iChat mic.
    + SOUNDS GREAT and is REALLY VERSATILE – I agree with Taylor about the sound:) It can be used in various ways – recording music can be made using it but why not use it for Skype or iChat? Especially it has really great sensitivity (to the distant placed sound sources) and look terrific!

    There’s so much pros, but what are the cons for me? First of all this kind of digital mics as I mentioned above have only USB – but it’s a con for studio usage, not HOME STUDIO usage, where you record demos. Any more? I don’t thinks so..:)

    I’d really like to be able to review it myself:) Who knows.. Maybe in the future I’d record its review with IT:) I think its UNIQUE:) (Is it why you are reviewing it guys, huh?:D)

  12. Andrzej Sitek says:

    Well did you mention it is released on 15th April? It’s less than a week before my birthday:D

  13. Clayton says:

    Yes I wanna use this device!

  14. Jarrod Johnson says:

    That looks great!! I’m just starting out and I could use a mic still. I’ll check it out. Thanks for the review.

  15. brent says:

    Looks like a great product…can’t wait to try one out!

  16. Jerry Lafferty says:

    Love it! Pretty much a full featured mic, Happy to see that it is compatible with mac as well as pc.

    1. ariff says:


      Congratulations, you win this past week’s FAN-tastic Friday prize, the Samson Meteor Mic. Thanks for commenting on our blog and continually to follow us on facebook. Please email me at, your shipping address for us to send the mic to. Congratulations once again.


      Ariff Glick
      Marketing Manager

  17. Lisa B. says:

    This is awesome!!! The build looks excellent and this would be great to tote around

  18. Mike says:

    Sweet!!! I’d love to show off this incredible lil mic and use it for all of my skype sessions

  19. Neesa says:

    I love the design and how small it is! This would be perfect to carry around, and it’s very impressionable. The spec numbers look great too. It reminds me of the “tracking” bug from The Matrix. I know the design isn’t the same, it just made me think of it. I like it a lot!

  20. Jason J. says:

    hellllllllllllz yea dog

  21. Don says:

    looks cool….I could use one as I don’t have a microphone yet….

  22. Logan says:


  23. Joseph DiPasquale says:

    This looks hot! Do want!

  24. kathy says:


  25. linda s says:

    very cool, love the retro look

  26. Paul says:

    Very cool mic, would come in handy.

  27. Michael says:

    incredible! I love the design. it is about time someone makes a good mic that looks good too

  28. Starmela says:

    I would love this for recording my voice over auditions, and work. It looks so cool. I want to win it !!!!

  29. Allan Mackay says:

    Looks sci-fi-tastic!

  30. stacey dempsey says:

    this would be awesome, i have a mini rock band in my house with my 3 teens and they would love this
    (facebook fan stacey dempsey)

  31. Dan Dobrescu says:

    Really nice mic and it has to old 80′s look to it that makes it even more wow :P

  32. Brent Ulrich says:

    Looks like a pretty convenient mic for quick demo recording, would be cool to win.

  33. motor9 says:

    any recommendations for running the meteor through an m-audio fast track?