December 13, 2012

Mudit – A New Gestural Controller For Music

The future of midi controllers and music production is general will boil down to how willing musicians are to adapt to new forms of input.  There have been attempts at creating music through nontraditional means, but most producers out there still prefer to have some sort of positive feedback when they trigger notes and sounds.  What I’m getting at here is the difference between pressing a button and hearing a note versus waving your hands over a sensor, or something to that effect.  Developers have been keen about creating instruments that share their form with analog instruments, such as a guitar or clarinet – as they know that acceptable forms are likely to be used instead of something completely original and new.

The Mudit, which is currently not for sale anywhere, is an experimental instrument that uses gestures inputted by wireless devices attached to the hands.  We’re not sure exactly how this device works, but it seems to make use of XYZ sensors that communicate with a receiver, not unlike how a Wii remote communicated with the console itself.  If you consider Keith McMillen’s contributions to the MIDI controller market, it seems like baby steps are all we need to begin welcoming new types of input for our favorite devices.