December 14, 2012

Paper Diamond on TouchOSC, Ableton, and Mixing Techniques

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – the iPad is quickly becoming a feasible way to work through live performances on stage with minimal hardware interaction.  It doesn’t replace the need to walk over to a machine and press a button, but it allows a musician to do it with less effort.  When we think of iPad musicians we tend to narrow that group down to just the synthesizer guys who are only creating drum loops, or the guitarists who are trying to run after effects to their guitar notes.

Then there’s another category; DJs who are trying to completely avoid using any physical decks altogether.  This realm of iPad use is also booming.  Latency and compatibility issues are no longer holding DJs back from using simulated vinyl from a touch screen device.  But what about those who want to use a little of each type of technique?  Paper Diamond still uses Traktor as his live performance software, but also couples it with Ableton to add a host of effects and looping abilities.  The interesting part is how he uses his touch device – he doesn’t use it as a main deck, instead he uses it with TouchOSC to trigger commands from Ableton.