December 14, 2012

Incredible DJ Booths

There are DJs out there who have to save money for a very long time in order to purchase just one part of their DJ setup.  These are the types of people who don’t mind if the item is used or is showing signs of aging from their previous owner.  For DJs who aren’t rich and don’t have DJ jobs that pay for all of their equipment, simply acquiring the gear may be the hardest part.  After we finally have everything we need to get us going, the hardware on which we place it, is the least important piece of the puzzle.

Why spend a thousand dollars on a piece of furniture that holds the entire setup in the air – when any old table with four legs will do?  Besides having a table, at most, we will need some sort of laptop stand to elevate off the table and bring it front and center.  It goes without speaking to understand that there are also those on the other side of the fence, those who can afford to spend equally as much on hardware as they do on gear.  If you’re one of these, I salute you as well.  We all cannot all pay to play, but it give us something to dream about.