December 14, 2012

DJ Headphones Battle Royale – 5 Headphones Reviewed

If there is any variety out there in DJ equipment, most of it comes from the headphones department.  The headphones are the once piece of the DJ’s gear that can simply come down to something as silly as looks over performance.  At the same time one could prefer great sound quality over comfort as well.  Much like taste is subjective, headphones are not designed to cater to every single DJ out there, and they’re actually produced to satisfy the individual’s needs over the whole.

Djtechtools does what other DJ equipment websites like to do from time to time, compared similar products.  This helps the consumer narrow down the time consuming task of figuring out the positives and negatives of new and old products.  The Sennheiser HD-25-1 II’s could not be ignored in their review, as they have stood the test of time as one of the better lightweight designs out there.  Beats by Dre Headphones had to be reviewed as well, since they probably have more hype to overcome than the rest.  Pioneer’s infamous HDJ-2000’s were reviewed (no review is complete without a decent Pioneer in the mix), and their perceived comfort around the ears were confirmed – beating out the Sennheisers by a large margin.