December 14, 2012

The QuNeo Rogue

The developments at Keith McMillen industries never cease to amaze.  The bold move to put all of their efforts into a Kickstarter campaign rather than producing first and advertising second really paid off for them.  Looking back, it almost seems like a smarter move to let the musicians and DJ judge the value of a new item before even sending blueprints to a factory to get produced.  After the success of the QuNeo, they began working on a newer more advanced controller known as the QuNexus.  The QuNexus was built for those who wanted greater control over their midi devices.  With added control voltage and velocity sensitivity, it took the midi controller beyond a piece of hardware to activate cues and looper, rather, it could now take command over an analog synthesizer.

Just because Keith McMillen has been developing new products as fast as they can be produced, it doesn’t mean that they’ve forgotten about their original designs.  The QuNeo is now getting an overhaul, adding wireless capability to the picture.  They’re calling it the QuNeo Rogue – and it really adds up to two real changed to the unit.  One, you no longer need wires, giving you a small range to roam about your DJ setup.  Second, you will now need batteries for your unit.