December 14, 2012

DJ Shiftee in Total Kontrol — skills not included

When Native Instruments released a product for DJs, it doesn’t happen without careful research – research into the best professional DJ star in one of their demos.  So far, the two that NI looks out for is DJ Craze and DJ Shiftee.  Both of these are talented turntablists and DJs, and both of them are DMC world champs, but between the two of them their style couldn’t be more different.  Craze began his career as a drum and bass DJ, incorporating it heavily into his early battle routines in the 90’s.  Crazy doesn’t battle any more, but instead DJs hip hop and dubstep music.

On previous NI demo videos, Craze displayed a more traditional approach to controllerism and turntablism, relying more on his beat juggling skills and carefully time effects to make his routine truly his.  Shiftee is, well, all over the place with the Z2.  Shiftee really cannot be classed as a specific type of DJ and is more in tune with the experimental side of things.  While his routine isn’t going to agree with everybody’s style of what turntablism is, he definitely runs with the idea of controllerism more than a turntablist; he plays with the remix ability within Traktor and created odd elements from his sampling style.