December 15, 2012

UFO Controller Lets You Have A Close Encounter Of The Musical Kind

Space is a reoccurring theme that you’ll find centered on DJ techniques and also on records produced for turntablists.  There are many references to futuristic ideas through DJing and the sort, and the art of turntablism can even been seen as something that is not of this world.  Just look at the way a turntable looks – it looks like a space ship.  DJ Qbert even has his own line of Vestax turntables called the “QFO”.  Many scratch moves are also based on futuristic ideas as well.  The “transformer” was named so because it sounds like a form of communication that robots would use.

Also, a technique that involves using flares in a circular pattern is also known as an “orbital flare” and makes an oscillating sound; the kind that would remind you of something in space invaders or Pac man.  The theme of the unknown and extraterrestrial still lives on today, and experimental instruments are apt at taking on names something of the sort.  Tommi Koskinen has created his own gesture based MIDI controller, hooked up to run in Ableton Live 8.  The performance itself isn’t spectacular or mind blowing, but it’s one step closer to having zero buttons to press during a live show.