December 15, 2012

Save Moogfest!

Not everything is going as planned for the folks over at Moog.  They, as any other DJ gear manufacturer, have been trying their best to get their name out there and participate in events that host electronic music makers and electronic music making gear.  There’s always the large events such as NAMM that takes place once a year in a heavily guarded outpost in an overpopulated city.  But this doesn’t mean that they don’t take the small venues seriously either.  The name “Moog” is likely to attract more people to any type of gathering than a gathering without their sponsorship – but unfortunately, it doesn’t always work out.

The guys who bought your Moogfest 2011 and 2012 tried to repeat the same lineup for 2013 – but it looks like this may not be possible this year.  Taking place in Asheville, North Carolina, the event will no longer go by that name.  Instead, they’ve decided to call it the Mountain Oasis Electronic Music Summit, which doesn’t seem as catchy as Moogfest, I’ll admit.  This was primarily the result of licensing issues, and AC Entertainment (the company who had hosted Moogfest) was declined the rights to use that name this year.  It makes me wonder if it will be less successful this year without the nice title.