December 15, 2012

Using Liine & Touchable Ableton Control

Electronic artists like Glitch Mob, who use instruments that are 100% digitally activated, need better ways to control their midi devices through wireless signals.  Those who are already on-board with simple OSC based touch programs are merely scratching the surface of what is possible. Apple’s iPad is still a great platform for controlling wireless MIDI devices, but it also fails in some respects.  Musicians who use these devices on a daily basis know that their greatest limitation is the software that they use.  That is Liine apps such as Lemur remain in their own category and very little within the App store can really compare to the power of this app.

Griid is another app created by Liine, and it really acts as a touchable controller for an Ableton “live performance” based layout.  On first glance, it looks very similar to an Ableton Session layout, with colored blocks that almost look like something that takes its cues from Windows 8.  In this short video by Sonic Touch, they explore its use while it works alongside Ableton 8.  Comparatively speaking, they have a long way to go if they want to catch up with the makers of Audiobus – who have been steadily rolling forward with their own apps.