December 15, 2012

Reloop Laptop Stage Review & Video

If you’re in the market for a laptop mounting solution above your DJ mixer – your options come in a few flavors.  First, and cheapest, is the make-do solution.  This is something that every DJ should know how to create in a pinch.  With zero hardware available to you, you should have no problem mounting the laptop next to your closest decks; the only drawback is that you have to looks to one side if you want to get a view of your playlists.  The second option is to go big or go home.  Going with a Crane laptop stand will ensure that you will have a sturdy, yet adjustable piece of hardware that can accommodate just about any size laptop that can fit on top.

Besides the upper and lower limit of your laptop stand options, you’re then left with everything in between.  Some of these stands work better than others, but most of them all rely on the same design – the basic U-shape.  Reloop has recently introduced its own laptop stand to the game, and it seems to follow the given design.  Like many of this type, they suffer for slight wobble issues and adjustability problems – but they get the job done.