December 15, 2012

DM-1 Drum Machine For iOS, iPad Now Free

Let’s face the facts – if you’re out to create an app for the iPad or iPhone, you shouldn’t expect it to take in millions of dollars in profit.  The business strategy for those who create apps seems to be: create an app, and sell it at low cost to hopefully millions of people with an iOS device.  For some companies out there who are creating innovative and original apps, they may very well have a decent future in app creation and some money rolling in to pay the light bill – but for others, maybe not so much.

The problem comes down to creativity.  Many apps out there are just iterations of older apps.  Drum pads and sequencer are literally a dime a dozen, and sometimes they’re the same beast in a different colored package.  For those of us on a budge, who cannot afford a real life Akai MPC – these virtual drum pads are the next best bet.  The DM-1 Drum Machine is actually a popular piece of software – but it looks like the creators have decided to put up on the app store for a very low cost: zero dollars.  The only catch here is that it can only run on the latest version of iOS.