December 15, 2012

Ableton Push Beatmaking (Sneak Preview)

Ableton Push was briefly spoken about a few months ago when Ableton announced that they would be revising their flagship software, Ableton Live.  It had seemed that Ableton was following the trend of bucking the trend; by creating products outside their comfort zone.  Microsoft’s entry into the hardware world was done through their Surface Tablet, while Native Instruments stepped outside their usual controller and software realm to produce a stand-alone two channel mixer.  Ableton followed this charge into the unknown by producing their first legitimate controller, designed to be used with Live.

On first glance, it looks like an overzealous Novation Launchpad (or two of them put side by side), with colored, larger, pads and a small array of options surround them.  With a higher price tag than similar products we’d expect it to come better built, with sturdier pads – and it seems that it does.  It also comes with a rather large readout front and center, however, it’s only a basic dot matrix readout, so don’t expect anything flashy in their sector.  The real prize here is that it’s designed by the same makers of the Software it’s expected to be used on.  This can only mean your workflow will actually make sense.