December 16, 2012

Pioneer WeGO and djay play nice at last

There couldn’t be a better time in history to learn how to DJ by simply “jumping in”.  Only a couple of years ago, you had to know DVS software like the back of your hand AND have a decent budget to even begin purchasing equipment.  This mean that having a decent laptop was a no brainer, but it also meant that you needed to physical decks and a mixer – which could add thousands of dollars to the budget of someone who is simply trying to learn how to remix songs.

When the full sized solutions like the Numark NS7 came about that budget began to shrink a little bit, eliminating the full sized mixers and separate decks from the equation.  Still, you needed to carry around a rather large piece of coffin sized gear – which detracted from the portability of your setup.  The second generation of all-in-one controllers comes out to be a better deal.  The Pioneer WeGO comes sized around the dimensions of a laptop, but with 2 decks and mixer built in.  At last you had less to carry, and less to spend to begin with.  With the WeGo’s integration into iOS software like djay by Algoriddim, it couldn’t be easier to unpack and begin mixing.