December 16, 2012

The iPad Mini is here – a digital DJ’s perspective

If a digital DJ was given the choice to choose between a Macbook Pro and an iPad to DJ, which do you think they would choose?  I thought so.  As good as tablets are quickly becoming for DJ use, there is still a lot of hate and disappointment that must be overcome for these to be taken as seriously as the laptop.  One of the key issues with tablets in general is the way they were designed.  With a large screen and no physical keyboard, it’s obvious that these are passive creatures which are mean to be seen and heard, rather than manipulated and commanded.  If USB connectivity was actually added to the iPad, it might be a game changer in itself.

Will the iPad mini change up the situation? It’s possible.  DJs who already have an iPhone, know that any serious DJing from it will be difficult, to say the least.  You may have functionality on your side, but fingers can only come so small – therefore quick and precise commands are just out of the question.  The regular iPad is perhaps too big and may leave you wanting a full blown laptop at the same price.  But the iPad mini might just be the perfect controller for those looking to add on to their laptop.  It has enough usable space to be precise, without breaking into the high costs of the full sized iPad.