December 16, 2012

How to grab market share Native Instruments style

Serato and Traktor have traditionally been two competing companies with varied philosophies, both from a technical and business standpoint.  From a user’s point of view, Serato has been the simple solution.  Their hardware and software is a reflection of their principal – to keep things running in an intelligible way, giving DJs the ability to run their software without the need to have the latest and greatest hardware.  Although they have created bigger and better soundcards to run their DVS, much more of Serato’s business comes from licensing and pairing with aftermarket controller.  Serato DJ and ITCH are paired with Pioneer and Vestax controllers – which costs the user nothing in the beginning, but Serato also gets a piece of the money paid out by the controller makers and manufacturers.

Native Instrument’s approach to the business aspect is much like Apple.  They have a wide range of software and hardware for sale that you can buy in any brick and mortar DJ shop, and they also have the ability to cut prices whenever they feel like putting things on sale.  Some of their equipment and software is proprietary, and Traktor mappings for any controller are available on demand – making it a wise choice for controllerists.