December 16, 2012

Loopport.com: New Free Source for Loops/Sounds/Samples

The idea of looping samples originated long before DJs or musicians had the ability to loop samples on the fly.  Sure, there were tape recorders and reel to reel recorders out there – but recording a sample and being able to play it back required time was not an easy task, unless you were a robot.  The first true looping came from DJs with two records who found ways to juggle specific portions of a song.  Since many LP’s were not released with an instrumental track like they are today, a DJs had to find the drum break or breakdown of a track, be it 8 bars or 16, and had to create loops by back cueing.

Once recorder and mixing technology was advanced to the point where we could simply playback looped beats, the need for the DJ as part of a rap group was soon eliminated.  Fast forward to present day, and we end up with the same need to loop recorded beats once again.  Controllerists and producers who are looking to chop up looped samples can now do it with ease.  Loopport, which takes its name from beatport, allows users to upload beats and download them without needing to pay royalties to production companies.