December 16, 2012

Arkaei’s Championship Winning Setup

When one man performs on stage with an array of digital DJing gear, the performance itself may very well be the icing on the cake.  The real issues at hand are, “How am I going to get this software together with all of this hardware?”  Much like setting up a computer for the first time, there are compatibility concerns as well as issues of what program will control what piece of hardware.  A third aspect that has to be looked at is master and slave set-ups.  If you use beatgridding or tempo locking in Ableton, will Traktor be able to follow it’s every command?

Arkaei stunned audiences at this year’s IDA competition by forgoing the traditional turntablist techniques for something more confusing and modern.   His gear alone might have left people scratching their heads.  Aside from the obligatory scratch mixer (in this case a Kontrol Z2), he use two Electrix Tweaker midi controllers and a Moog Etherwave+ Theremin as part of his rig.  His performance was unique and really posed more questions on the logistics rather than creativity itself.  Unlike a DJ with two records and a simple midi controller, his use of Ableton complicates issues like MIDI offset and control.