December 17, 2012

Akai iMPC Turns Your iPad Into An MPC

The feeling of sixteen soft pads at your fingertips is something that cannot be easily replaced.  However, it can be weaned from underneath your fingertips with a careful substitution – as long as that substitution is unnoticeable.  I’m betting that Akai has seen sales of their drums machines and line of MPCs drop thanks to new technology and better controllers out there on the market.  The need to store samples in a sound bank with an external SD card seems kind of archaic when you starting added a computer to the situation.  Their decision to port the MPC to the iPad is more of inevitability than a conscious move.

Obviously you would be a sucker to think that you can use this on your iPhone, I mean you can – but it’s not ideal whatsoever.  Looks wise, the GUI seems very organic and traditional; not far from any of the original MPC designs.  iMPC does almost everything that the actual hardware can do, except that there is one serious issue.  There seems to be a lack of MIDI support.  This will indeed turn many potential users off since the ability to use it with other DAWs is something that has come to be expected from most software emulators like this.