December 17, 2012

Novation Launchkey Free

Controllers are become a staple product that DJs can will welcome to their regular setups.  The real beauty of these devices is their ease of use in a DVS.  Serato makes it very easy for your computer to recognize MIDI devices, and it’s even simpler to map them to a specific command that would otherwise be commanded via a keystroke on the keyboard.  This represents the most basic type of mapping that one can achieve, and it is because of this that smaller controller do so well.

“Laptop controllers” like the Akai LPD8 are simple in form, and really only give you what you need – the ability to activate cued sections of your songs, or a way to trigger onboard effects.   Larger controllers like the Novation Launchpad tend to be used by producers rather than DJs, to active an entire range of samples or sequences to create a song, rather than mix one.  Of all of the Ableton and DAW controllers out, the Launchpad’s design has been successful due to its simplicity and low price.  For a short time, Novation is offering their LaunchKey app for iPad users, free of charge.  While Novation might not be a king in the synthesizer market, anything decent for zero dollars is a worthwhile cost.