December 17, 2012

Orphion with Audiobus Support

If you’re going to create any type of virtual instrument for the iOS, here’s a hint: get on board with Audiobus.  Even if your software is complete crap, having the ability to run it in conjunction with others (that aren’t crap) puts you that much higher on the App totem pole.  Audiobus already has a short list of app developers they are working with, and that list is growing to become a size worthy of being read by Santa.  Big name developers like Propellerhead will soon become part of this movement, but smaller and lesser known developers are also pitching their finest to become part of the Audiobus list.

One fresh looking app to surface in the app store is Orphion, by Bastus Trump.  The interface itself looks like something someone would mock up for a final project in Adobe Aftereffects.  It consists of layered bubbles positioned in a non-linear grouping that act as a virtual keypad of sorts.  Other scenes follow the same eccentric design that caters to multi touch input and confused bystanders who are trying to follow what you’re actually doing.  It comes at a very low cost, under 4 dollars.  For something that is still considered experimental, it looks promising.