December 17, 2012

Midi Mixer For Media Players?

If you’ve already decided to buy an all-in-one controller for your DJ setup, then your options are limited in terms of how you want your devices to communicate with your software.  Without a computer and a USB cable, your VCI-300 or any other all-in-one controller is pretty useless.  Your main concern will be to find out which DVS allows you to control and map the most buttons on your deck.  If you’ve purchased a deck that can also work as a standalone device, like the Gemini CDJ-700, then you have a few more options to consider.

CD players can be used in conjunction with any DVS, as long as a control CD is used to transmit a signal that can ultimately be manipulated.  A true mid deck will allows you to, let’s say, ride your pitch with each movement being sent through MIDI rather than detecting differences in the control CD’s pitch.  So, do you need a MIDI mixer as well?  Not really.  If you don’t mind not seeing your fader movements replicated on screen, then you can do just as well with a MIDI mixer.  Also, if you switch from MIDI to analog halfway through a set you don’t have to deal with messy software issues.